Apartment Central Park

Year : 2014
Owner : Mr. Tonny
Project : Apartment Central Park, Jakarta Barat

Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia with high degree of mobility and congestion has become a daily event. A comfortable house is an essential need for the people in Jakarta to release their stress level.

Central Park Apartment  is located on Central Park Mall is one of luxurious apartments in West Jakarta. Therefore, convenience is our  primary concern in designing the interior of Mr. Tonny's apartment in Central Park.
This 2 bedroom apartment is quite spacious with nice view as it is located on the 36th floor. The design concept of this apartment is 'Comfort'
Selection of wood materials is intended to give warm atmosphere by using a combination of white and the use of mirrors and glass to create a clean and spacious living space. Lighting effect gives the overall luxurious and elegant feel and creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.