Taman Sakura Raya

Year : 2015
Owner : Mr. Mulyadi
Project : Residential, Taman Sakura Raya bandung


Modern character was the impression we had when we first saw the look of this house, but who would have thought if the house is actually the result of a make over of an old house. The owner of this house, Mr. Mulyadi, longs for not only a house but also a home as a place where all his family members gather. As the saying goes 'Home Sweet Home - My Home Is My Heaven'   The warm atmosphere is a representation of the character of this homeowner who is very close to his family.
In designing a residence, the needs of each occupant are one of the most important requirements. The use of geometric theme gives the modern impression and the accent of darker colours on the finishing of the furniture emphasizes the focal point of this whole interior design.
Bright and spacious felt throughout the family and kitchen areas, as these spaces are the centre of the family activities and natural lighting is filled throughout these areas. Harmonization between areas is the result of combination use of colours and materials. All these element complement each other in creating a comfortable dwelling that has aesthetic value.